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Energy-Efficient Bay & Bow Windows for Kansas City Area Homes

Bay and bow windows are elegant options that provide an eye-catching aesthetic and allow plenty of natural sunlight into your home. At Kansas City Siding & Windows, we proudly offer and install energy-efficient bay and bow windows for homeowners throughout the Kansas City, Missouri, area. We’ll be delighted to discuss your window replacement needs and tell you how we can help you.

Is a Bay or Bow Window Right for You?

Better Lighting & Views

Since both styles protrude from the house and are made up of three or more windows, they tend to funnel more natural sunlight into a home as well as give you a wider view of the great outdoors.

Added Seating

Homeowners can choose to have a bench-type seat around their new bay or bow window that creates a great place to sit and relax.  It can also be designed to have additional storage under the seat.

Added Space

Because of the external curved appearance of these windows, they create a three-dimensional effect that not only gives the room a focal point but also makes the room look bigger.

Increased Curb Appeal

Many people love the look that a bay or bow window adds to the exterior of a home which increases its curb appeal and, in some cases, its value as well.

Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows

While bay and bow windows have a lot of similarities, there are some key differences between the styles. Understanding these differences may help you decide which style would be the best fit for your home:

  • Bay window design – A typical bay window is usually a three-window configuration with two single-hung windows on the sides and a set picture window in the middle, all meeting at 30-degree angles.
  • Bow window design – There are many ways to set up a bow window, but normally they are constructed of 4 or 5 single- or double-hung windows and picture windows.  Bow windows also boast the distinct advantage of being able to be installed on the corner of the home, creating a Victorian look and expanding your view.

Why Choose KC Siding & Windows for Bay & Bow Windows?

Kansas City Siding & Windows is pleased to be your source for bay and bow window installation services throughout the greater Kansas City, MO, area. You can rely on our professionals to provide you with the top-of-the-line replacement windows you need for enhancing beauty, performance, and energy efficiency in your home. What’s more, we’ll ensure the highest level of workmanship throughout the replacement process so that you’ll be able to maximize the great benefits of your new house windows for years to come.

Contact KC Siding & Windows today to learn more about our bay window and bow window installation services for homeowners in the greater Kansas City area.

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